Monday, October 6, 2008


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Baby Steps. This weekend my roomate and I filled up two 30 gallon containers and one 12 gallon container with vodka. Oh, I mean water. They are outside on our property so we didn't fill them up all of the way for when the water freezes. We then added 1/2 teaspoon of bleach per every 5 gallons of water and sealed them up. It ended up being about 60 gallons of water we now have stored. 60 gallons! :D

Estimating that each person needs at least 1 gallon per day if not more that would last the 3 of us a good 2 weeks.

Big smile on my face that we actually got out there and did it.


Summer said...

So I just found out where the term bung hole comes from.

Sahara said...

heh I had to look that up just now since I figured you weren't referring to the slang

Julie said...

Did you ever know that youre my hero? la la I am working on getting prepared for the family. Good work lady!!

Sahara said...

(smiles from ear to ear)