Friday, October 3, 2008


The other day my friend and I happened upon a bunch of unopened geodes at The Quilted Bear of all places. They were only 50 cents so we bought a couple.

Geodes: essentially rocks with crystal formations on the inside.

Apparently Utah is one of like 5 states in the U.S. that has a large quantity of geodes in its natural landscape.

They fascinate me. These rocks that from the outside just look like ordinary rocks. I'm sure that if I were a geologist that it would be easy to spot a geode from a mile away. But to me they look Round. Rocky. Rough. Like rocks. But then you crack them open and there is this beautiful array of sparkly crystals inside. Eeheehee. Hidden treasures. I feel like a little kid.

This is my geode. (Remember that I don't actually have a camera. Yeah, I just take pictures with my laptop camera. It is an art form in and of itself. You would probably fall over laughing to see me trying to get just the right angle with this silly laptop in hand. And once again ignore the amazing I've-been-sick-and-haven't-done-my-hair do.)

I was thoroughly entranced.

Then I took a little screwdriver and a little golden hammer and tapped it open. This is one of the sides. You can't really tell but there are all of these gorgeous little clear crystals in there.

I thought I would try another picture to see if I could show the little crystals better. It just looks like my hand is going to smash you.

Getting philosophical and slightly cheesy.

I'm like a geode. Rough on the outside but sparkly and beautiful on the inside.


Julie said...

Hmmmmmm so you are like a geode....I can see how that would be. However I'm not sure I would say you are rough around the edges. Work with me for a moment. Many people would look at a geode and just think it is a rock, nothing else but a rock. However when they look closer they will truly find beauty. That is how I see you. I think you are a person that for one reason or another plays of as a normal average joe. However given time there is such beauty and depth. So people need to look closer!!

Vanessa Swenson said...

I think my favorite part of the blog is the fact that you have a featured item of the week and that it's water.

your geode is warm and fuzzy.

Lia said...

I love the perspective of that last photo.

Sahara said...

Sometimes I am rough when I don't shave my legs...:D Thanks for saying I have beauty and depth!

Vanessa, uh it isn't water it is water CONTAINER. Just wanted to make that clear. :P

and thanks Lia.

Summer said...

I so think you are like a geode. I'm so glad I don't remember you as "that one really talented accompanist sister missionary."

Sahara said...

That one really talented accompanist sister missionary! Ha! I am pretty sure most members of the church that have know me mostly remember that I accompany and that I have crazy red hair. and that is probably about So I am glad that isn't how you remember me...:)