Wednesday, October 29, 2008


For once.
I don't know what to say.

No thoughts are pressing to come out.

Did the gerbil that runs inside of my head go on vacation?

Without leaving any notice or temporary replacement?

Or maybe she has been running overtime, and just wanted to rest up those little legs.

I should send her a Christmas bonus this year.


Vanessa Swenson said...

I think "huh" is a really good title for this ;)

Ann G. Matthews said...

Even in your loss of thoughts you are very thoughtful! You rock!

Summer said...

Hummmmm.... do you take requests?

Sahara said...


Why yes. yes I do...:)

Summer said...

So I just found about seven comments that needed moderating on my blog. For some reason my email only sent me notifications for a select few. I wondered why everyone had all of the sudden stopped commenting, and thought- "wow- I really am boring." Ha!

Now you've got me curious about Sean's blog- ha! I've only read a couple of posts, and actually wrote him the other day. Not a lot of "happy fuzzies" over there, so I don't hang around much...

I'll turn the moderation off soon- I was just getting some really rude and disgusting comments from the Prop 8 posts.

Summer said...

My post request: Your scariest real-life story for Halloweeeeeeen.... oooooohhhh mwah hahahah.

Sahara said...

Haha Summer, so you weren't screening my posts.

I tried but couldn't think of anything scary. Oh well.