Sunday, October 26, 2008

Soft and Touchable

This would be me.
Showing off my new fuzzy lounge-around-the-house pants.
They are fuzzy.
They are green.
And they have the cutest back pockets.
Making my bum look ravishingly, well...cute. :)

(And yes, there I am posing as modely as I can muster.)

They are soft.
They are touchable.
My legs aren't, but at least my pants are!
Here is a closer look.


Jules said...

I thought you were posing to show how SKINNY you are!! haha that was before I read what you wrote! (I go straight for the photos!) but you look FABULOUS!!!

Loving you!

Jules said...

Because really, YOU are soft and touchable..mmmm

Julie said...

Hmmmmm is it bad that I want to pet your legs? I love soft pants!!

Sahara said...

no no! Pet my pants! That is why I bought them...(smirk). Petting hours will be from 11 to 3. Just kidding. :)

Jules thanks for saying I'm so skinny!

Anonymous said...

you do look very skinny and very fabulous!