Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update II

My friend had another dream. She came away from it with the feeling that now that she was prepared it was time to see about her friends and family. It would be nice to know that if there were an emergency they would also be prepared. It got me thinking again. I like to NOT think about getting prepared for an emergency. :) But then something always seems to come up in my life to remind me. I guess I will pay attention.

So here is an update of what I have done in the past two weeks.

1. Found my gloves. Good for warmth. For picking my way through broken glass etc. Mainly for warmth. Put them in my car.

2. Went through my 72 hour kit. Need to replace the batteries. Update my first aide. Other than that feel like I could survive with ease at least for 72 hours. :) Also put that in my car.

3. Put 20 dollars in small bills in my car. Emergency funds since banks and electronic debit/credit card machines might not be working.

4. Decided that I want to keep my gas tank half full.

5. Went to D.I. thrift store to look at boots. (All I have are my old running shoes. They wouldn't hold up very well if they got wet.) Couldn't find any my size at that particular store. Planning on checking out another one in these next coming weeks.

6. Talked to some more of my neighbors to see where they were at. One didn't have anything. He said he would get enough water and food for his family for 3 days. The others had at least enough for 3 days. I like knowing that my neighbors will have enough.

For some reason I am drawn to all of this. Not everyone is. Not everyone is feeling a pull to get so prepared. It is all good. We are all on our own path. Important thing: We do what we feel is right for us.

Things I plan on doing in the next 2 weeks:

1. More food storage(remember I had virtually nothing a month ago.) So maybe some more cans of soup, wild rice or something.

2. Put an extra change of clothing in my car and 3-5 gallons of water.

3. Not stress.

4. Buy some of those cool Hillside self-heating hot cocoa drinks. That would be fun in an emergency. They are like 2 bucks at Walmart.

5. Eat some chocolate.

6. Orchestrate a family meeting. See how prepared my family is. Create an emergency plan. Who to call etc. so we know everyone is safe.

7. Get copies of my ID and important documents together. Stick that in my 72 hour kit.

8. And remember to learn from yesterday, prepare for tomorrow but really enjoy living today. (Haha that sounded like it could be painted on something and hung up on the wall.)


Summer said...

Woo hoo- if I'm ever in Salt Lake and find myself short on cash, I know whose car to break into.

Good points. It kind of freaks me out that I'm supposed to do all of this times 5. Supposed to have a change of clothes for each of the girls and diaper stuff in the car, too. I'm sure between all of the discarded garment items in the van we could make three outfits...

Wow. There is so much left to do...

So awesome of you to get your neighbors on the ball. It's either that or store enough for them when they come a knockin', so you might as well. ;)

Sahara said...

I guess there are a couple of perks to being single. That would be overwhelming for me too. I figure we don't have to stress out about it, but just take it one day at a time. And we will be just the right amount of prepared. eh?

Lia said...

Just a thought as you're gathering food items . . . dry grains are good. They can be soaked and eaten, which means if there is no way to cook, you could still eat. They also last fairly well. (And they're good for you.)

Sahara said...

thanks Lia for your tip.

Summer said...

Eh. Er- aye.

Hiding in Plain Sight said...

Good Lord, tell her to stop dreaming.

Julie said...

Funny that you are friends with Emily. Only because I as like what in the heck is it with all of these random people I know having dreams. Phew its not as many as I thought!!

Sahara said...

Julie how do you know Emily? What a small

Vanessa Swenson said...

i like Lia's tip of dried grains, because they're tasty--lentils, too.

Julie said...

I know her through a friend. How do you know her?

Sahara said...

Through a friend. How bizarre.