Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swifty Bodyguards

I have blogged about the swifty house centipedes in my house before. I have finally come to terms with them. I rarely see them anymore. I don't bother to catch them to take them outside. They can live in my house, eat my bugs, eat my spiders. It is actually a very nice rental agreement. I have even come to the place where I think they are cute.

So the other day I am sitting in my room doing something important I am sure. And I see this spider crawl along my wall. Spiders have been few and rare lately so I checked it out. Not too big. Not poisonous. So I left it to it's meaderings along the wall. Well, I happened to glance to the opposite wall and saw two Swifties just hanging out. They are never out in the day time. But there they were. I didn't think too much of it.

Well last night I was reading on my floor and suddenly saw a spider go scurrying past me. And there was a swifty hanging out by the baseboard. It clicked. They EAT spiders. They must be on the hunt or something. :D I really like the idea of having little Swifties chasing those spiders around. Or I really like the idea of little spiders having to scurry away from my big Swifty bodyguards.


karlee said...

I hate spiders! And I hate swifty's too! AH! Now what do I do!?

Summer said...

Shudder. Your nerves are buffer than my nerves.

Sahara said...

Call the Terminx guy...and hope he is hot. :D

I never knew my nerves could be buff...cool.