Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Anybody seen Religulous, the documentary by Bill Maher? I actually haven't. Didn't even know that it existed until my friend blogged about it. Then I looked up his link to Eric Snider's review. Then I read all 59 comments readers posted about the review. Yup, all 59 bazillion of them. Then for some bizarre reason posted a comment myself. I don't usually post comments on stuff like that. But there I was posting away.

Well to make a long story short, I have been posting all day about "is there a God, or isn't there a God". Atheists galore have been posting their opinions. I'm pretty sure Mormon bishops have posted their opinions. Maybe even the Pope is on there. Well that is probably a stretch. A lot of people wanted to say that the "other" group was completely wrong and see here is all of the evidence.

"You can't possibly say there isn't a God."

"Well, you can't possibly prove there is a God."

"And you can't prove there isn't a God."

blah blah blah. No, they can have their opinion. It is just when they are so sure the other person is wrong that I get bugged. Guess what you can't prove there is a God! There is always someone that can argue against it, even if you saw the Guy/Gal/Whoknows yourself. And you can't prove there isn't a God!

What do I believe? I believe there is a God. I believe the "supernatural" experiences I have had are real. It feels right to me. I like running my life believing in a God. And if you don't like believing in a God, if doesn't feel right to you, then good'on ya! Maybe God doesn't exist for you, maybe just for believers...:) I don't know! I am certainly not going to tell you that you are an idiot. I might not get it, but that doesn't mean you are stupid. So there.


karlee said...

OH my i agree wholeheartedly! I am currently taking a philosophy class (gag me with a spoon) where we are studying the method of argument and different philosophers premises, etc. We often get into debates in our Friday discussion class.. and I never have anything to say. I suppose there was a time in my life when I argued vehemently about such things.. but I am at this place now where I just want to live and let live! I do not care what these people believe.. I don't care if they're wrong or think they're right or don't know or hate what I believe.. honestly, I'm just so over it. I am firm in my beliefs, and I don't care to defend them or hear others! Is that so bad? I am not ignorant that other views are out there, I just don't desire to dispute them. I guess the only exception to this lately is animal rights. And that is because if nobody stands up for them, horrible things will continue to happen-- obviously because they are sentient beings. So yeah! Whew! This has been on my nerves lately, thanks for the post! :]

Summer said...

Oh man. I've been doing my own version for, what, a month? Check this out if you dare.

Just don't pay any attention to the Hot Air. She was born with her foot in her mouth and should have it surgically re-attatched.

Julie said...

Wow all very interesting. You know I believe in God. But the beauty of this land we live in is that its ok if others do not. Do I understnad that belief know, but I can and do respect that they believe that...just as I hope they will respect me.

I know you believe in God. I also know that at this point in your life you are working through many things and because of that those who have known you previously may struggle with the you now.

The cool thing is God knows your heart and really who cares what others think.

This process of growing, learning, stretching, succeeding, failing, loving, hurting, laughing, crying...really is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for sharing my friend, you always poke me just enough to get my mind, heart, and soul motating.

Sahara said...

There is something about all of that heatedness in the discussions that I just don't like. Part of me likes what karlee said about live and let live. As long as your belief doesn't harm me, great! Let's just all love and be happy. :) Another part of me likes to hear what other people think. Life is a process, I guess.

Summer, I checked out that blog. Interesting stuff. Made me think, which is usually a good thing lol. Funny you should mention Blogstalker. I found his/her/its blog just the other day.

Julie, I really liked what you said.
"This process of growing, learning, stretching, succeeding, failing, loving, hurting, laughing, crying...really is a beautiful thing." I think that hit it on the head.