Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm so done with earthquakies

Oh my hell.
Will people stop having dreams about earthquakes
that might happen in the month of October in Utah?!
Just stop it!
No more dreams!
I mean it!

That is just going to piss me off if
an earthquake really happens.
That is not in my plans.
My groove will definitely be thrown.

I don't want to have to plan for it!

I don't want to think about it!

I don't want to!




And while we are on the subject,
why are my roommates so into getting all prepared?

All I ever hear is what we need to get next.
And what I am forgetting in my stupid 72 hour kit.
And how if I don't get that I am really going to be suffering.
And I am constantly reminded that I have like zero monies
to get any of this crap.

Maybe if I did have some extra cash
this might be more fun.
But I don't!





Ok, I feel better now.


Julie said...

Amen....well the day before my wedding in California we had a decent earthquake. I guess I could have taken that as a sign but nah....

I too am low on the cash flow and wish I could be more prepared. I guess the point is t just do your best and it will all be good in the hood.

So there!

Sahara said...

Do your best and it will all be good in the hood. That is the best way I have ever heart that put! So there! haha love it.