Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pros and Cons

I think I am slightly depressed. Something about how I don't want to do anything except play Bejeweled 2. Nothing seems worth it these days. Why go running? I will never lose this belly fat. Why make lovely art projects? There is no one to appreciate them. Why clean my house? There will always be something more to clean. Heh heh. Yeah. One of those days. So I was thinking of all of the pros and cons of life. Making a list like you do when you are deciding if you want to take a new job. This is what came of it.


Seasons always end. Winter always comes.
It is so easy to hurt other people. One wrong word and someone has hurt feelings.
No one ever completely understands you.
Sometimes people don't get you at all.
So much war.
Pain everywhere.
I seem to mess things up every turn I make.
And the list goes on.


Lost of beautiful earth.
Love at times.
Understanding at times.
Having enough at times.

Apparently I could use some help here....