Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is my nephew Andrew
His cousin Bethany calls him Andyroo

This would be him in his Sunday best
You can't tell by the picture,
But he is going to be very very tall
Like his Dad

This is Andrew doing a scene from Shakespeare
We were at my other brother's wedding
It seemed appropriate
He is very precocious

This is his Dad holding Andrew
Maybe he wasn't sure how to take all of the applause
and shouts of "Encore! Encore!"

Andrew likes to ride on lawnmowers with his Dad
Play on the piano with his Mom
Eat spaghetti
Watch trains
And lots of other things

I like Andrew


Ann G. Matthews said...

OH MY GOSH! His Shakespere picture is PRICELESS! That is one of the funniest things I have seen for a while! What a DARLING boy!

Mark said...

I love the post! What a cute kid!

(Okay - maybe I'm biased)

Sahara said...

Mark, I can't imagine why you are biased.. I'm pretty sure that Shakespeare picture is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Okay what a stinkin cute kid! And Wendy...those are your eyes!!! I am on a mission to find the picture of you when you were a wee tike and had those same exact eyes!

Summer said...

Andrew needs to be Charlie Brown for Halloween.