Monday, October 6, 2008

My Red Wool

I look down and see my wooly legs.
What a cosmic joke.
Some sheep is missing its wool
because it grows on my legs.

Red wool.

The razor shines in the light.
4 blades surrounded by moisturizers.
Guaranteed to leave my legs so touchable.

It runs smooth over my leg.
Mostly smooth in its wake.

I step out of the shower
and towel off the water.

Looking down I see the redness begin.
My skin irritated.
But touchable, yes?

I wrinkle my nose.
A bit frustrated.

I think about the next day.
Any semblance of smooth will be gone.

My wool has some bizarre complex.
Afraid of being too short?
Grow! Grow! Grow!

By the 2nd day my leg hairs should be registered as
Lethal Weapons.
Just a graze up against me
would leave you with ribbons of bleeding.

Smooth is so lovely.
Smooth is so touchable.
Smooth is so acceptable.

Why does every woman I know have hair follicles
that naturally grow hair?

How did our hair get to be so unacceptable?
so unfeminine?

Here is the hard place.
There is the rock.


Sahara said...

What no comments? Well this topic is kinda hairy... (snicker snicker)

Summer said...


Sorry. I've been busy.

Shaving my legs.

Okay- I've got to admit... I don't really need to shave. My leg hair is almost unnoticeable. I'm pretty bald from the thighs down. I stopped shaving during both pregnancies, and even my husband didn't notice til I said something.

But I do feel a difference when I'm all smooth. I kind of like the slickety slickety against my jeans. Boh.

Why are women expected to wear makeup? Why are we expected to have longer nails? With polish on them? Why are we expected to carry a purse instead of a wallet? Why don't we get some kind of break for cramps and bloating once a month?

Wow- so your leg hair is red? Huh. I've never noticed red-headed guys leg-hair being red. Interesting. I have noticed my husband's beard is red.

I told Blogstalker to stalk you.

Julie said...

I HATE SHAVING!! Its sucha waste of time....UGH!!

Sahara said...

Summer, I am disgustingly jealous of your non-hair hair. I also like the slickety slick against anything the first 3 hours after I shave. Then it turns into a scratchety scratch. If I get a cold chill though I'm hosed from the beginning.

Julie, amen! I want smooth lovely legs without shaving lol.

Summer said...

Haha! The after-shower chill. Yeah- totally ruins it, huh?

You should seriously look into waxing. You don't have to think about your legs for, like, a week. And the hairs don't return as razorblades. I'm not sure if this is just an old wives tale, but the gal who waxed me the one time I did it, said the more you wax, the finer your hair becomes. Boh?

Once you get it done, it's pretty easy to figure out how to do it to yourself.

I can't believe I'm talking to you about leg waxing.

Sahara said...

lol! I actually got into waxing in Italy. My problem is that my hair is curly so when it grows back in I have literally like 20 ingrown hairs on each leg. I did like how long it took for them to grow back. Longer than a day at least! But it hurts so bad...and my overly sensitive skin seriously took 2 days to recover before it stopped being red and blotchy. The chemicals in Nair and the such make me sick. and Electrolysis...something about destroying your hair folicles just grates me. LOL! well I give up. This is one of the reasons I live with hippies. They don't shave either. I don't stand out. oh dear...