Saturday, July 12, 2008

What in the hee-haw IS a blog?

Well, I have a blog. Finally, a blog. Everyone I know has a blog. They blog about their day. They blog about life. They blog funny. They blog serious. Blog blog blog. Sounds kind of like bog. And I am kind of excited....ha.

I think it is sort of a strange phenomenon (I wonder if that is spelled right. I am hearing in my head old English teachers telling me to look it up, but it is too late and I am too tired.) I think it is sort of a strange phenomenon this whole blogging thing. First of all just the name is bizarre. Blog. Like I said, sounds like bog, smog, log. Ahhhh, I looked it up (I know I know...but it was more interesting than how to spell phenomeenom). Web Log..weblog...and then somehow the first letters got all squished off and now we say blog. or we blog. weblog. Sounds like something about the Boy Scouts.

But I like it. I like the fact that millions of people out there are weeblogging, writing their thoughts down for other millions to see, or at least hundreds, or 10? What an interesting, detached way to connect with people, like a book but so much faster.

So here it goes. Weblelogging here I come. I am going to vomit all I have ever wanted to say on this webbog of mine. A lovely soup of thought.


corb said...

I am excited that you are blogging. I really like the name of your page, very compelling for a bog, oh I mean a blog. River, I find it fiiting for one such as yourself.

River said...

Thanks Corb, just so you know, you were the one that inspired me to finally have my own blog. :)