Monday, July 21, 2008

Eye Sex (I'm really not trying to be sensational)

I was reading the other day an article written on Chris Carrabba. He is the lead singer in the band Dashboard Confessional (see My new love affair post). It talked about his almost unnerving way of staring at a particular audience member during a concert. He said that when he finds someone that is really connecting to the music that he will connect with them and have "eye sex".
Yes, there is a picture...dreamy. Mmm very dreamy. Alright alright I will stop drooling. But back to eye sex. So the phrase has made me think. Usually there is such a connotation of meaning connected to the word sex, that many people might be turned off by that phrase, eye sex. Yet, I really like it. I really like the idea of being very intimate and connected to someone through your eyes. And have it not only be beautiful but perfectly appropriate.

On a side note, but a connected note, The other day my roomate was eating an avocado. She stopped right in the middle, and got the most delighted expression on her face. She then proceeded to make satisfactory noises about how beautiful the avocado was. The color. The curve of it's shape. The smell. And I told her she was making love to her avo. She heartily agreed. We then made jokes about french-kissing your food of course. And the conversation has stuck with me for a couple of days. I like the idea of me making love to my food, of really, completely being swallowed up in the entire experience of eating. Taste, smell, curves etc. and acknowledging how much I love it. I feel like I am really in the moment. Really experiencing all of that moment.

Here is one more picture if anyone wants to drool.


Julie said...

We really have been given our senses for a use them. So eye sex to me is letting our senses just do their job and live in the moment. On a side not it is amazing when people are in therapy for abuse they lose their senses and one thing they are taught is how to be in the moment using all of their senses. It takes us to a whole new level.

River said...

That is way interesting about the therapy julie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the second picture. And the first, of course.

Ryan said...

Eye sex, very interesting. You know with out you knowing your eye does react in a way that captures the heart of each other. I forget the saying but its when people look longingly into someones eye that is what they are looking for. Some thing to do with how the pupils move in synch with each other. Anyway, so can you have eye sex with your eye candy? lol.

River said...

What is this about your pupils? I will have to do some research. Interesting.

Eye sex with eye candy....sounds like it should be yummy whether you can or not lol.

Vanessa Swenson said...

remember when you wanted your lips to be embalmed by kissing? yeah, that's what i thought of.