Sunday, November 9, 2008

Update III

We have emergency preparedness meetings at my home about every two weeks. Anyone is invited. We all share what we have done in that last two weeks to increase our preparedness. So Update III.

I think I have finally really looked at my fear of emergencies/disasters. It turned out to not be as big as it seemed. My thoughts used to run the "what if" game a lot. Now it is more of "we are always taken care of one way or another just keep doing what you feel is right to do."

So physically, I bought some winter boots. I am often in denial about Winter, so haven't had boots for awhile. Last Winter I even wore flip flops....yeah denial. But I bought boots. That should be a good thing. I went and finally got all of the stuff for my first aid kit. I now feel like if someone came to me with a fork sticking out of their arm, I could help them.

Other than that I didn't do much else. I had a lonnnng list of things that I wanted to get done, but really didn't do any of them. And that is quite alright. One step at a time. It really is the journey not the end that matters for me.


Vanessa Swenson said...

it's always good to be prepared.

i'm not in denial about winter; i'm in utter hatred. can you say that grammatically?

Julie said...

Lad y I too wear flip flops in the winter. But its because I am a Californian stuck in the frozen tundra!!! Getting prepared for an emergency really is quite stressful to me and yet I know it needs to be done. Could I have an actua phobia of getting ready?

Sahara said...

I think there should be club for people that really wish Winter lasted 1 week long.

Julie, I think my fear wasn't actually of emergencies but the fear that I wouldn't be prepared. And it seems sooooooo overwhelming and money consuming and time consuming and me consuming. But then I realized that in reality no matter what I did it is possible that I would still not be prepared. I mean a tree could fall on all of my stored water. That is when I threw my hands up in the air and decided that it was ok to only do a little bit at a time. Even if that meant that I bought 1 extra can of soup each time I went shopping. Now I have 7 cans of soup storage. That could last me 7 days if it had too. I totally understand having a phobia of getting prepared.

Summer said...

What if all of our Christmas songs are really like some cosmic rain dance? I think for every song they play on the radio this time of year that's entitled anything near to "Let it Snow," there should be another one by the Beach Boys or something.

So true about buying an extra can of someting. When I see a good asle, I just buy a lot of it. It has not only started me on some back-up food, but we're saving money on groceries because I only buy things when they're on sale- ha.

Summer said...

Oh geez. "Something" and "Sale." That's what I get for hurriedly writing comments to cries of "Wiiiipe meeee!"