Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Fated Christmas Winter my excuse for putting up Sparkly Lights

Well, tomorrow I am going to get my Christmas tree from out of storage. Which would be my friend's garage at the moment, bless her heart. And it shall go up. Up I say. Up in all of its glory and sparklies. The only problem is, I don't know where to put it. As our house is so magnificently arranged there is no place readily available for a grand tree. Let me show you some of the options, or lack thereof.

First, we have the kitchen. "The kitchen?" you say. Well, it actually was one of the first considerations since it is the only room that has any kind of space available where we wouldn't have to move much. Do you see it? There, behind the table. By the mirror and that other thing. We would just have to skooch the table out a bit. And there we would be eating our meals and enjoying the Tree.

The only problem is that it's in the kitchen. Who wants to be having to look in the kitchen to enjoy a Tree? I ask you.

Here is one wall of the living room. Though you might think there would be room to put the Tree to either side of the couch, there isn't. So we thought since there is no picture up on the wall yet, we might just have to mount the tree on the wall, horizontally sticking out of course. My roommate thinks this is the best idea so far.

The only problem? Well we might have to get people to sign waivers when they sit there. And I suppose it could be a little tricky getting it up there in the first place.

Then we have our other corner(our living room isn't actually a square, being built in 1890 by polygamists. I think they thought that 4 walls wasn't enough so we have 6.) We had thought about putting it in that corner where the lamp and bookshelf are. BUT then we have to move the lamp and the bookshelf. And then where do we put THOSE thingies? Serious lack of storage in our housen. Apparently the builders didn't see a need for that. But it would look very lovely. Very normal(as opposed to being on the wall, I suppose).

The only problem? Oh right, I already told you the only problem.

The other possibilities would be in front of the fireplace. Yes, we are planning on giving away the big, black monster. If you want it, let me know. So a Tree in front of the fire place. Doesn't that just seem like bad Fueng Shui? Not that we can actually put a fire in there, but just the idea of it seems wrong.

Problems? Well, besides looking kinda funny, I guess none. We wouldn't have to move anything except Blackamous. It would make our bookshelves look fabulous. Eh? Any suggestions?

No, hanging it from the ceiling is out(the ceiling is a little weak). No, we are not going to put it in the bathroom. Where would we poop? And no, not in my closet. Though I suppose I could hang my clothes on the branches. And of course no not in the front doorway. How would we get out? A window? Preposterous. But please, suggestions are welcome.


karlee said...

What about where that other tree/plan is at already?
In the last photo.

Sahara said...

ahhahhh that is a good suggestion. I just ran it by my roomie (it is her plant), and she said she could move it into her room for the Christmas season. You might have won the contest! (Prizes will be handed out later...)

Summer said...

Or you could stck the couch in the middle of the room- perpendicular to the window, but not next to it. (Further from the fireplace) So the tree could go in front of the window- the couch would face the fireplace, and you could sit and look at the tree.

Or you could slide the other couch over and put the bookcase up against that wall for a little while, and put the tree in the bookcase spot, like you were thinking.

It does seem like just moving the plant like julie suggested would be easiest... ;)

Summer said...

Oops, I meant karlee

Sahara said...

Now, now easy isn't necessarily what we are lookin for. ;) I think if we can move every piece of furniture we might get some prize. I don't know who would give it to us, but I am sure someone would.

Julie said...

Oooooh its like tetris!!

Summer said...

Maybe the mushroom people will give you an award. I've heard they enjoy a good furniture rearranging.

Lia said...

You crack me up . . . "our living room isn't actually a square, being built in 1890 by polygamists" . . . because, OF COURSE, why would polygamists know anything about square? I want to come over and look at your housen and see the possibilities in person.

Sahara said...

The game of tetris is on!

And the mushroom people in my heater vents will help us move furniture.

Anonymous said...'s all the polygamists fault!!! :)

Julie said...

Hey you could hang it from the ceiling like a disco ball!!

Sahara said...

But how would I make it spin??

Julie said...

Do you have a ceiling fan?

Sahara said... :( But the vision of a tree whirling from my ceiling was quite hilarious. What if the speed got too fast. There would be ornaments and tinsle flying everywhere. haha!

Julie said...

True it would make a mess. But it would be an incredible sight. Hmmmm I may want to do that myself.