Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Henry and Winifred

There has been an extended family of spiders that has moved in. I think they got the address wrong on their vacation villa. Little buggers with striped legs. I have now relocated 5 spiders in the last two days. Where have all the Swifties gone? Long time........(Wendy stops singing)where have they gone? Did they go on vacation? Why does no one inform me of these change of plans?

Well these last two named Henry and Winifred were sitting together by my hand-made box on the floor. And being the clever girl I am, I took my relocating cup and snagged them both. There they were running around in circles along the cup's edge and the paper I was holding over the top. Bumping into each other. Going the other way. Bumping into each other again. At one point one of the spiders lifted its two front leggies and there was a stand-off. But I swear they were saying:

"Winifred, come on let's make a show of it."

"Ah Henry but it is so late."

"Yes, but Winny, she is so bored these days, it will give her something to blog about."

"Oh alright. Here I will put up my leggies like this. Like we are going to fight or something."

"Oh look, she is delighted. Well, I guess we are off to a new villa eh?"

"Let's rendezvous at the porch light."

"Cheers darling!"

And I threw them out the front door. On their little bummy bums and told them that I really wasn't equipped to put up spiders for the night. I think they understood.


Shay said...

Haha. Wendy I love it. I'm literally laughing out loud. You are one funny person. Nice. :)

Vanessa Swenson said...

i just wanna know how these british spiders made it over the pond.

Lia said...

"On their little bummy bums"---those are the best kind of bums, you know.

Summer said...

Baaaah hahahah! All of my favorite Wendy-lady stories include bums, I think.

I hate spiiiiiiiders!!! Even ones with naaaaaames! Oooh I have the creeps.

Sahara said...

Indeed how did they make it over that pond. Sneaky little bleeps.

They still give me the creeps. I found one in a glass this morning and shrieked quite the shriek. As long as they don't surprise me, I can call their bums bummy.