Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My reasons for smooth legs might not be compelling enough...

I tried it. After my lovely bath this morning, I climbed out, smoothed sugar wax on my left leg and flicked. Or ripped. And the hairs came out. And it hurt. I think it hurt less than waxing though it has been a long time since I have subjected my legs to that wretched practice. The pain definitely went away faster. There is less redness. But it hurt.

Why do I want smooth legs again? Someone remind me. Oh yeah because I like the feel of them. And they look so lovely. Sometimes I like to fit into society. Harrumph.

I didn't finish my leg. I discovered that I hadn't cooked the sugar stuff long enough. It was too sticky and only worked once. Then I had to stick my leg in the shower to get it off.

There she is. Half epilated. The pores red. Once again I'm baffled at society's drive to have women's legs smooth.

I kind of like the smoothness though. I might try it again. Which baffles me even more.


Ann G. Matthews said...

In the words of my mom, "It hurts to be beautiful!" Did you have flash backs to the Scene in the "40 year old Virgin"? I guess that makes Steve Carell beautiful. OK, there's something wrong with that saying!

Summer said...

Oooooh ssssshhhh! That's me sucking in the air through my teeth making that "owie owie owie" noise.

I missed the prep posts. That hurt less than waxing??? What do your legs look like after they have been waxed? Yikes, girl! When you did the wax, did they (or you)keep the strip close to your leg and pull down? Did you keep the skin taught and press your hand to the area right after? And apply soothing stuff? This all helps immensely.

Well anyway- you're a brave, brave, soul... poor leggies.

karlee said...

hey you, go here. Courtesy of the ads on facebook.

Sahara said...

I don't think I actually ever saw "40 year-old Virgin". I'll have to go see that now lol

I waxed in Italy so it has been awhile, but I think we did all of that stuff. I'm starting to wonder if when I took Acutane I might have made my skin sensitive for life. I don't think I made sure the skin was taut with this last stint so thanks!

Karl that is funny! Maybe I will enter lol.