Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sea Glass

Sea Glass

empty bottles

thrown into the water
without much thought

caressed by waves
etched from the sand

becoming smooth

now gifted back
returned by tide
a treasure for our

Here is a picture of two sea glass pendants I think I will get. They are so luminescent, smooth and frothy like the sea became infused into these little pieces of glass. They come from the site www.naturalseaglass.com

This one comes from Bluebox Studio in the UK. I'm entranced.

Our garbage being transmuted into something beautiful, valuable. What a symbol.

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Hot Air said...

Wow- those are pretty. I think the only jewelry worth wearing has either a story or a symbol behind it. (And at that- I still only wear one peice on rare occasions- my wedding ring! I'm too forgetful, clumsy and ditsy to keep track of anything else!)

Love your necklace. You must write a blog about it and model it for us. ;)