Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Honey, our only spoon is in the potatoes!"

This is Matt n' Mary.
My brother and his new wife.
They are one of the funniest couples I know.
I like them.

Last week I ate dinner and played games at their house.
We had mashed potatoes, yummy salad, yummy biscuits, yummy sausage stuff
AND yummy cobbler!
Pretty good for poor, starving college kids(granted I brought the salad).

After dinner Mary went to dish up some cobbler.
She exclaimed, "Honey, our only spoon is in the potatoes!"
I might have to get them another spoon for Christmas.

As Matt and I were working on the game,
we heard a soft thud come from the kitchen.
"Uh, we now have ice-cream behind the stove!"
Oh how we laughed.

With our tummies full of delicious food,
we played Skip-Bo.
Since their apartment is as big as a Kleenex box,
we either sat on the floor or
we sat on their bed which is in the living room.
There isn't room for a couch.

While it wasn't their turns,
Matt and Mary worked on their new music stand.
It will sit on their itty bitty piano at the end of their bed.
They are making it out of K'Nex.

I like Matt n' Mary.

(notice her bouquet is origami flowers.)


Anonymous said...

Oh dude! I'm laughing! I love Matt and Mary! My favorite story of them is when they told Bethany that Matt and Mary rhymed with Fat and Hairy! For days she went around singing Fat and Hairy, Matt and Mary! Hee hee hee.

Hiding in Plain Sight said...

Love the new look! You are so clever.

Summer said...

You know some freaking cool people.

Sahara said...

hee it is true. all of it. true.