Friday, September 19, 2008

Conversations with Bethany: My Fat Tummy

Bethany had just finished lunch and apparently was feeling very full.

Bethany: Hey my tummy is fat like yours.

Me: uh....yep.

Bethany: Did you eat too many sugars? Is that why your tummy is fat?

Me: Yeah, I ate too many sugars.

Bethany: Did you eat too many sugars like candy? and lollipops? and wrappertomes?

Michelle: What are wrappertomes?

Bethany: They are big big BIG candies like this. You have to put them in your this. (The face that ensued was entirely too hilarious. We asked if she could show us again and we took pictures.)

What I learned: In the end it is the wrappertomes that will get you....mainly because of how you have to contort your mouth to eat them.

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Sahara said...

I think this delightful little post got overlooked because somehow I posted it funny and it never showed up at the top of the list. If that makes sense.... I might have to remedy that.