Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Green Sludgie

May I present the famous Green Sludgie. A cousin to the smoothie, this delightful sludge has made history throughout history. It has sat in the right hand of people like Napoleon, Martin Luther King Jr., Marilin Monroe and even Gandhi (wait he didn't eat). It is unrivaled in its beauty, its greenness, its...uh...sludgie texture.

Here are some delectable pictures to tantalize you.

First, before its creation, we have a blender of sun-ripened fruit with a spread of fresh greens, chard, kale and a stalk of celery.

Next is a picture of a freshly smoothed sludgie. Frothy, and green.

A side shot, inviting you to drink.

Here is one of our celebrities with her own glass. A smile twinkling from her eye as she drinks in the goodness. (ignore the amazing bed-head/just-went-running look)

Cheers! (Yes, that is a sludgie mustache, not my own thank you.)


Jules said...

LOVE LOVE love this post!!! Ben and I have picked up our smoothies again...we were missing them!

Missing you...missing me!

Ann G. Matthews said...

HOLY COW! I would need a Pepsi to wash that down!

Hot Air said...


Lia said...

Paco and I call them "salad drinks." And I just passed on a few of the recipes to Laura (part of her birthday present)!

Hiding in Plain Sight said...

Don't let her fool you. It tasted like.. um... green goo.