Monday, September 22, 2008

Conversations with Baby Eric

(This is my nephew Baby Eric. For some reason his name comes out Baby Eric, or just Baby. We have called him that so much, that I am pretty sure he thinks his name is Baby. He is 1. He is certain that he can talk. I just can't understand him.)

Baby: Gah ga wu wuzzispph. (He says this with an imploring look and his hands clasped.)

Me: Ga ba wa whuuz?

Baby: ssphspppsshh.

Me: *blubber tongue*

Baby: (hits the couch 3 times and bursts the following as if he can't believe that I haven't understood him thus far and knows I will at least get this) DA DA DA DA DAA!

Me: (my face finally lighting up in understanding) Dah dah dah?

Baby: Da da da...(toddles off)


Anonymous said...

What an adorable little munchkin.

Ann G. Matthews said...

I would have LOVED to witness that conversation. I don't know if I would have laughed more at Eric or YOU!!!!

Summer said...

I have Mia to translate- it's great. So you changed your entire layout in the time it took me to read all your posts. Nifty.

My word verification is lgpit. Also kinda nifty.

Sahara said...

He has now started having whole conversations with just the words Da da da da..he will just change the inflection and volume so it sounds just like he is saying something very important. Oh he is so damn cute.