Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Art

I run my fingers through the sand.
Watching it sift, swirl.
My hands moving from my thoughts.

Winter Art


Summer said...

My favorite part is the top right, how curly swirly it is. Whoa- I just got dizzy. I'm not kidding! Typing "curly" made me dizzy.

Why is that winter art? It looks very desert-ey to me. Which makes me think of heat, which doesn't make me think of winter. Is it the stones? They do make me think of cold. And the whole thing looks so quiet, like the way it sounds outside while it's snowing sometimes.

No- I don't have a point.

Sahara said...

Oh, I really liked the way you described it. I am always doing sand art, and this time my sand art was wintery. Because of the curves, and quietness, the colors, the stones. It is what came when I thought Winter. :) I liked your no point.