Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What ever happened to that damn Christmas er Winter Tree?

"Behold, I give you my Christmas Tree!"

"That's not a Christmas Tree...."

"It's not?"

"No, that is just green stuff all over your mantle."

"Who ever said it had to be in a TREE shape anyway?"

"It is called a Christmas TREE."

"Well now aren't we just picky picky."

"And this?"

"It is left-over tree that I hung around my fabulous, polygamous light fixture."

"And just in case you wanted another glance at the tree itself."

"And a full view."

"Well except that it isn't a tree, doesn't have any lights, ornaments, ribbons or a star I quite like it."

"Oh thank you. You are welcome to come sniff it any time you would like."


Ann G. Matthews said...

I LOVE your tree! It is BEAUTIFUL! And I'll bet it smells divine!

Lia said...

I saw a Christmas "Arch" the other day that was so enchanting to walk under. It was decorated like a tree all over, and I think I must have walked under it five or six times because I was so delighted with it. And I said to my husband, "Maybe that's what we should do, you know, have a Christmas arch, instead of a Christmas tree, and we could pile all the presents under the arch."

Sahara said...

Ann, thank you!! :)

Maybe it will become a new fad....a non-tree Christmas tree.

Summer said...

We've already hopped on that bandwagon. Ours is one foot tall, made of ribbon, wriggles like a worm and sings "Jingle Bells."

Yours probably smells 100 times better ;D

Summer said...
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Summer said...
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