Sunday, December 14, 2008

Running in the Snow

Yesterday I went running in the snow.
My feet left prints in the trail.
The only human prints there.

The river ran dark beside me.
Large geese stared as I ran past.

I wore gloves, and a hat.
Two shirts.
A jacket.
Big warm pants.
And my shoes.

I ended up tying the jacket around my waist.

I feel slightly crazy wanting to run in a foot of snow.

But it called.

And my heart sang back.


Julie said...

The imagery of this post is beautiful. Don't you like the image of being the first to leave their print in an area that has yet to be stomped all over?

Sahara said...

Julie! I've missed your comments. :)

Summer said...

I bet those geese were wondering if you had completely waxed legs, or if they were only 3/4 waxed.

I love your poems! Good thing you're publishing them so I can send them somewhere to get printed and make lots of money off you...

Sahara said...

Ha! I am sure the geese were! Thanks Summer.

corb said...

my fondest memories of running are waking at 6:30am and running after a freshly fallen snow. the world looks completely different and it is one of the most peaceful things to experience.

Sahara said...

(nods head in complete agreement)