Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sometimes I wish I were a Duck

Today in the middle of my run I stopped on a bridge to stretch.
The waters were brown, moving slowly.
I watched the ducks swim and dip under the surface,
Jealous that they weren't bothered by the cold.

I was tired of running.
I was tired of a lot of things.

For a moment I saw myself jumping over,
slipping into the water.

Feeling the cold, letting the water take me away.
Letting it all drain away.

Then I blinked.
And with a sigh turned to finish my run.


Michellie said...

doubt you would be slipping would be freaking out cuz it was sooo cold! :) Keep on running sis!

Summer said...

What is it about Christmas and suicidal thoughts? I think it's just too much. We've given up on it, I think. Everything that has to do with more than our little family, and the birth of Christ. It's just too much.

Sahara said...

It is all of the !@#%$#ing snow. #$%$# %$%%% &*&%^%^%#@%%^@@@@@.