Thursday, August 28, 2008


Someone broke into my roommate's house yesterday. I know that doesn't quite make sense because if she were my roommate then it would also be my house. She lives in a mother-in-law little place that is attached to my house so it feels like we are roomies.

Someone broke in through a window, that had been left open, and stole her laptop, her DVD player and her kitchen garbage can. Now the garbage can I can see, but the laptop? I mean come on... Well I'm totally pissed off about the whole thing, even though it didn't actually happen to me personally. I feel violated. Like they raped my house or something. You think you can just waltz into my house and take whatever you want? Ahhhh helllll no.... Sure the window was open, but that is not an invitation, nor an excuse for anyone to theif away. Bugged. Bugged. Bugged.

I want to live in a place where it would be totally safe to leave my front door unlocked. This has been the theme of the last week...I want there to be no more pain, no more crime, no more hurt, no more. no more. arrgh. And yet even when I say that, there is a voice that whispers of some sort of divine direction, plan going on. I guess I get the chance to learn how to forgive someone and let it go. yay.


Julie said...

Sometimes people just plain suck!!

Hot Air said...

Ha- I liked the ending. Yay.

If it will help you feel better, I will buy you a new garbage can. Anything to restore faith in humanity.

Sahara said...

Ha ha that made me laugh about the garbage can. Yes if you will.