Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eating Flowers

I went to the store this morning to pick up some salad fixings for my lunch. As I was browsing amongst the various greens, mushrooms and fresh herbs, my eye caught this box of edible flowers. Edible flowers! It was crammed full of lovely white and bright pink petals. How delightful! I have always wanted to eat flowers. They just look so fresh and full of dewiness. So I inevitably bought a box, and sprinkled some on top of my lunch. It's like I am a fairy or some magical wood creature, who of course would eat something as cool as flowers.

Look at all of the varieties you can eat! This seriously made my day.


Hot Air said...

Aren't those the coolest?!!?!??! I saw them when I went to get chives the other day, and have been trying to find some excuse to actually buy them since. Of course it never occured to me to buy them just to say, "I ate flowers."

You didn't say how they tasted...

Sahara said...

silly me. The white ones were my favorite. Very mild and delish on my salad. Even my picky nephew ate one. The purple ones were a little stronger but in the salad still quite yummy. I hear that flowers from onion plants have an onion flavor and herb flowers taste like their herb counterparts. hee hee how fun.