Saturday, August 16, 2008

more thoughts

yep, life.

Why are we here again?

What if I am tired of all of the pain?
This life has too much for too many.
I'm tired of my friends being overwhelmed.
I'm tired of seeing the hurt behind their eyes.

I wish I were the wind.
I would fill my lungs till they hurt,
then with a rush of air watch all of the pain disappear
as I blew it into nonexistence.

Or maybe I could be the sea.
With every wave, each sandcastle of pain
would ebb away.
Each seaweed of hurt
would wash into oblivion.

But I am not meant to be the wind.
Nor will I become the sea.
And I am left with my own heartache.
Is there no relief?

The Sun beckons me to look up.
The Stars whisper of answers as they twinkle in the Sky.
My head tips back willing me to search.

Of their own volition my hands move.
Seeking the knots of pain I have tied.
That I have held onto for so long.

They are tight.
They won't tease free.

I won't be freed.



A cry escapes my lips.

I feel the Wind on my face.
I can smell the Sea.
My ropes begin to loosen.

Like a spring that was held back
rushes forward...
my ropes rip free.

The force burns.

My head is still tipped.


Julie said...

Wow, thank you for sharing! This really moved me and put words to similar emotions I too have felt. What I have come to understand is that with the real lows we are able to feel the real highs. I was once told that horrible thngs happen to good people but they will be conpensated in ways that we can not imagine. I have to hold on to that, otherwise it is too much.

Hot Air said...

Isaiah 66: 10-13

;) I just like making you work.

corb said...

Your words are beautiful.

"If life's not beautiful without the pain, well I'd just rather never ever even see beauty again."

That is how I feel sometimes.

Sahara said...

Julie...I love all of your comments. Thanks.

Hot Air...I'm still sticking out my tongue.

Corb...Thanks. I am still mulling over the quote you gave me.

Hot Air said...

Aww, c'mon. I thought you'd like the bit about the river. ;b

Glad you're feeling better, anyway.