Saturday, October 15, 2011

Been awhile

And somewhere along there I lost all inspiration to write in a blog. It has been an interesting 10 months.  Looking back at my last post, a lot has happened.  Not all of what I was dreaming, but some.  I'll take some.

To begin, my biggest most stressful debt has officially been paid off!  Yup.  IRS is done.  That was a serious accomplishment.  And I'm totally proud of myself.  I'm still working on my two other debts.  Smaller debts.  Much smaller actually but for some reason have struggled committing my extra money to them.  Other stuff has come up.  Which is the second big hoohaaa that has been happening in my life.

A big hoooooohaa of health problemos.  Something I never expected to happen.  Very much out of the blue.  And just for the record hospital visits are expensive.  It all started in April when I woke up one morning with my ears swollen, hot and red.  Within a week I was in the ER getting an epinephrine shot and an IV with fluids and benedryl.  Super fun.  Luckily I had a very sweet nurse who was sympathetic to someone who has never had an IV before.  Let's just say there was hyperventilating and tears.

The next seven months were quite the journey trying to figure out what my body was doing.  I actually went to a doctor.  A real MD doctor.  If you know me at all, that would be a surprise.  I got tested for allergies.  I paid out lots o' money and discovered that for some bizarre reason I was reacting to about 30 different things in my life!  Like 30!  Things such as cats, dogs, feathers, chlorine, cigarette smoke, weeds, perfumes, food preservatives, gas fumes, but also stuff like milk, wheat, cheese, corn, sugar, celery, soy, pork, citrus fruit.  (And that isn't the entire list...)  That sucked.

In one quick stroke one of my favorite things to do went down the drain.  Eating.

Oh the deprivation I felt!  Let's just say it was an emotional cleanse as well.  But to make a long story short the next 7 months were full of allergy treatments, cleansing, detoxifying and changing my diet.  I now drink raw milk.  I haven't drunk milk in years.  I also make my own kefir and fermented veggies, full of probiotics.  Those little super helpful bacterias weren't really on my radar before.  And after all of that life is finally settling down.  I'm back to being able to eat whatever I want without have an allergic reaction.  I have to say having the choice to eat something sure is nice.  Makes you grateful.

Now looking back at my post at the beginning of the year.  I did do a lot of organ cleanses!  And body cleanses, and other cleanses which I can't think of, I'm sure.  I also did pay off my largest debt, but I got derailed when all allergic hell broke loose.  Interestingly I now find myself only half-way motivated to make extra payments on my credit card.  Next post will have to be about what emotional issues with money came up when my health went down the drain.  Wahoo.


Sahara said...

Oh and if someone can tell me how to fix my formatting...

Julie said...

I am glad that you are back to being able to eat!! I have missed your blogging, welcome back!

Sahara said...

Thanks for inspiring me. :D