Monday, January 3, 2011

The 2011 Year of Financial Funness

I just figured out that this year I will pay off my (long story) IRS debt! Then I did a little calculating and realized that I could actually pay off my credit card too by the end of the year! Then I did a little more calculating and I can still save up money for a new car while I am doing all of that!

I'm calling it The 2011 Year of Financial Funness.

In fact it is so fun for me, that I can't wait to make the next payment. I look forward to my next paycheck so that I can pay down my debts. And to think that in a year it could all be done. Happy sigh.

On some other 2011 fun notes...

Running a half marathon distance around Liberty Park sounds fun to me. It is only 9 laps. I can do that.

Also writing some fiction sounds kind of fun too.

I might do a couple of organ cleanses, liver, kidney etc. I'm interested to see how I would feel afterwards.

And while I am thinking about it. I have always wanted to have a savings. Money hasn't been my strong point in the past, but now is not the past. So even if it is only 20 bucks, I want to end up with something I can call savings. Not car fund. Not emergency fund. Not anything else, but just something that I am saving. For later. Much later.

Here's to possibilities!!

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Shakeela said...

Have you made a dent in your goal yet? How