Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm disgusted

She looks quite lovely, right?
Maybe a little on the skinny side, but quite lovely.

Again. Skinny. Too skinny for my tastes, but lovely.

But this next one???
As far as I can tell from the other shots, this is the same model as the first picture.
What the fuck????!
That is disgusting!
Aren't models supposed to be the epitome of beauty?
I don't get it.
And I'm disturbed.

This is another picture of the second model.
Once again, I find myself almost losing my lunch.
Can I feed you please?!


AmandaS said...

Those black briefs are hot! Where do you find these things? I want to be thin but not so thin you could pick your teeth with me!

Lia said...

I've heard that some models use cocaine to keep themselves that thin . . . great combination: stoned, addicted, and skinny as hell.

Sahara said...

I wonder how their sales are for those briefs. Honestly.

Distorted. Disturbing.