Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Red Rose Onion

I keep peeling back layers.
More Tender.

Red Onion
Beautifully deep red.
Pricks my eyes

But each time my tears fall
I can breathe easier.

My shoulders feel lighter.

Red Red Onion
Deep red like a rose.

Makes my nose wrinkle
with both stench and sweetness.


Summer said...

Ogers have layers.

You know- every time I make a BBQ-chicken pizza from now on, I will think of this poem. I think I will memorize it (minus what I think might be a type-o at the end there ;D) so I can recite it every time I'm chopping one up and blackening the backs of my hands with yesterday's mascara.

Beautiful. If you ever publish, I would love to submit photos. Because... you inspire me. Laaaaaa!

Sahara said...

Haha there is a typo. Well thank ya.

If I ever publish I would love it if you submitted photos!!!